Back to the Blog…

So nearly 5 months later, I had previously commit to write more and failed but in the words of the Japanese proverb:

“Fall seven times and stand up eight”

So as before I’m restarting / getting back into my blog, I will try my best to keep a regular flow of posts, but I’m not promising anything!

During my blog hiatus I have:

  • Built an iPhone app
  • Started dreams of building a startup
  • Sharpening up my design skills
  • Spoke at a tech event
  • Started Swing Dancing
  • More photography, filmmaking & timelapses
  • Summer adventures to the Lake District and Wales.
  • Family holiday to Iceland

Look for a follow-up post next week including a bit more on what I’ve been up to over summer, this post is merely to say I’m still here and whet your appetite for the content!


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