The Distortion of Sound

This is a short star-studded documentary put together by artist within the music industry chatting about the quality of music. The documentary focuses on “how technology has changed the way we listen to music.”

“We have become a McDonald generation of music consumers.” – Han Zimmer

So MP3 changed it all. The revolution of music compression has allowed us to fit thousands of songs into our pockets. MP3’s were both a blessing and a curse making it more convenient than ever to listen to music on the go. This comes at a price in lack of audio quality. Compression works by removing the “unnecessary” parts of the audio and leaves the brain to fill in the rest.

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New Feature: TED Tuesdays

A week or two ago I noticed that I hadn’t watched a TED talk in over a year. I am a big fan and think the platform is a great space for people to come share their experiences and wealth of knowledge with us all. I have posted about TED before but I am out of the loop. If you are like me you’ll find the occasional link to a talk but not go out of your way to find them.

The benefits of watching TED are many: getting different opinions, be informed about a topic, find an area you lack knowledge in, being amazed or just laughing.

One thing that is contagious about TED is that it highlights millions of people that are pushing and moving forward on a brighter future.

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“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

TED-Ed & Beatboxing

As mentioned in the previous post I’ve had a few delays getting my new site online. This was supposed to be part of a new series I am planning to start called TED Tuesdays. Instead of waiting I just posted it and will kick off the series next week.

On to the post:

As I’ve mentioned before I love TED talks. Recently I found a YouTube Channel called TED-Ed which is about education, learning and teaching. They take a TED speaker or talk and usually combine them with an illustrator and put it on YouTube. They use the tagline:

TED-Ed – “Lessons Worth Sharing”

After subscribing to their channel I’ve found it easier to find a video to watch over the standard TED channel.

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Welcome back, It’s excuse time…

Hey All,

I’ve recently had possibly the worst thing’ happen to me. OK, I need to chill out it’s a first world problem. My laptop has broken which is a bummer especially as I’m just about to launch this new site, amongst other things.

Picture this: Today you are going on holiday. You rush through the station after finding out your train is leaving from the furthest platform with only 5 minutes to go. You make it with just a minute to spare. After recovering from the brisk walk and getting to your seat you grab your laptop so you can get to work on all of today’s crazy projects. 

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