Quick Tip: Daily Page

The topic of this week’s quick tip is writing and comes in the form of a website called Daily Page. This one is for anyone wishing to develop their writing ability – my main piece of advice to write better is to start a blog and start writing about stuff that excites you! If you can’t handle the commitment of a full time blog then check out Medium, a platform dedicated to those who want to focus on the odd article instead of running a full-time blog. After continuing to rinse that fact that everyone should write and own a blog, Daily Pages is a must and next in line.

Daily Page

The concept is simple, everyday you get sent an email with a writing prompt and the option to reply. The prompts are chosen by members of the community and cover a wide range of topics and questions. Some of my favourite prompts so far:

  • If you had an unlimited budget to make a documentary film, what would it be about?
  • What is something that you have done that everyone should try?
  • You are hired to organize a new religion. What are the main themes of your new religion?
  • What is the closest thing to death that you have experienced?
  • Describe your perfect day.

Daily Page

After you’ve written your piece you have the option to keep it private or share it publicly with the community. Half the fun comes from seeing some of the responses other people have made. On top of that, even if you don’t always write with the prompt, they make great conversation starters / discussion topics.

I’ve found that if the daily email to your inbox is too much, you can switch to a weekly email containing the last 7 days of prompts (accessible in the settings). The site also provides a rundown of stats tracking number of completed days and average word count.

The site can be found at www.dailypage.co, and it is free!

Why should I write daily?

Daily Page makes it extremely easy to write on a daily basis. I haven’t got to writing on a daily basis yet but I hope to one day. I’ve mentioned Ira Glass before, this video is on one of his quotes about beginners and honing a skill:

Simply put, the best way to improve your writing is to churn through lots of work. If you want to get good at writing and close that gap, you’ll want to be writing daily as a minimum. This advice isn’t meant to scare people off but to get good at anything you need to practise your skill. It applies across the board so if you want to be a better photographer, take lots of photos –  It’s a no brainer, but sometimes easy to miss.

As always I hope you have found this useful and encourages you to take up writing more. If you have any questions or fancy sharing any of your favourite prompts / answers the some of the ones listed above then please join in the comments below.


P.S – Finally made it to the Easter break! I’ve been working on a couple of longer posts and as mentioned before some exciting announcements. Stay tuned for more content as of next week!

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