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March of Film

March of Film

March of Film starts tomorrow – If you’ve ever wanted to learn or develop your photography, this could be your chance. I’ve chatted a bit about film photography before on my blog and this is the next chapter.

What is it?March of Film

March of film is a theme-based project with two simple goals: To spark creativity and to keep film alive. The concept is pretty straight forward, on the 1st of March (Tomorrow) they will publish 31 themes on their website. Then over the course of the month you can choose one or as many as you’d like to do. Then grab a film camera and a roll of film and go shoot and experiment!

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New Feature: TED Tuesdays

A week or two ago I noticed that I hadn’t watched a TED talk in over a year. I am a big fan and think the platform is a great space for people to come share their experiences and wealth of knowledge with us all. I have posted about TED before but I am out of the loop. If you are like me you’ll find the occasional link to a talk but not go out of your way to find them.

The benefits of watching TED are many: getting different opinions, be informed about a topic, find an area you lack knowledge in, being amazed or just laughing.

One thing that is contagious about TED is that it highlights millions of people that are pushing and moving forward on a brighter future.

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Learning to code…

The idea of learning to code seemed quite daunting originally, quite litterally as foreign as learning a new language!

When I was in secondary school I threw myself into the deep end by trying to make an iPhone app. I spend possibly as much as a whole day sat behind the computer following a tutorial just to get the app to produce the words “Hello World’! During this attempt at learning to code I ended up watching developer videos pretending to know what people were talking about as they explained the latest features of the framework api core module (as you can tell I still have no clue!) As you can probably guess I got bored really quickly and soon after I put down my dreams of being an app developing millionaire!

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