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March of Film

March of Film

March of Film starts tomorrow – If you’ve ever wanted to learn or develop your photography, this could be your chance. I’ve chatted a bit about film photography before on my blog and this is the next chapter.

What is it?March of Film

March of film is a theme-based project with two simple goals: To spark creativity and to keep film alive. The concept is pretty straight forward, on the 1st of March (Tomorrow) they will publish 31 themes on their website. Then over the course of the month you can choose one or as many as you’d like to do. Then grab a film camera and a roll of film and go shoot and experiment!

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TED-Ed & Beatboxing

As mentioned in the previous post I’ve had a few delays getting my new site online. This was supposed to be part of a new series I am planning to start called TED Tuesdays. Instead of waiting I just posted it and will kick off the series next week.

On to the post:

As I’ve mentioned before I love TED talks. Recently I found a YouTube Channel called TED-Ed which is about education, learning and teaching. They take a TED speaker or talk and usually combine them with an illustrator and put it on YouTube. They use the tagline:

TED-Ed – “Lessons Worth Sharing”

After subscribing to their channel I’ve found it easier to find a video to watch over the standard TED channel.

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