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Two tools for starting the New Year well!

Two tools for starting the New Year well!

Hey all,

This is just a quick post mentioning two tools that can help you plan for the New Year. For me it’s a special time of year akin to my birthday where I re-evaluate my goals and assess where I am at. The New Year is a chance for a fresh start and the idea of aiming for better is something I love doing because of the positivity and hope it can bring!

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TED-Ed & Beatboxing

As mentioned in the previous post I’ve had a few delays getting my new site online. This was supposed to be part of a new series I am planning to start called TED Tuesdays. Instead of waiting I just posted it and will kick off the series next week.

On to the post:

As I’ve mentioned before I love TED talks. Recently I found a YouTube Channel called TED-Ed which is about education, learning and teaching. They take a TED speaker or talk and usually combine them with an illustrator and put it on YouTube. They use the tagline:

TED-Ed – “Lessons Worth Sharing”

After subscribing to their channel I’ve found it easier to find a video to watch over the standard TED channel.

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