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Quick Tip: Daily Page

The topic of this week’s quick tip is writing and comes in the form of a website called Daily Page. This one is for anyone wishing to develop their writing ability – my main piece of advice to write better is to start a blog and start writing about stuff that excites you! If you can’t handle the commitment of a full time blog then check out Medium, a platform dedicated to those who want to focus on the odd article instead of running a full-time blog. After continuing to rinse that fact that everyone should write and own a blog, Daily Pages is a must and next in line.

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Welcome back, It’s excuse time…

Hey All,

I’ve recently had possibly the worst thing’ happen to me. OK, I need to chill out it’s a first world problem. My laptop has broken which is a bummer especially as I’m just about to launch this new site, amongst other things.

Picture this: Today you are going on holiday. You rush through the station after finding out your train is leaving from the furthest platform with only 5 minutes to go. You make it with just a minute to spare. After recovering from the brisk walk and getting to your seat you grab your laptop so you can get to work on all of today’s crazy projects. 

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